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Cruzat 'Blanco' Case

A mixed case of six of bodega Cruzat's white sparkling wines, demonstrating the skill of master winemaker Pedro Rosell, who has brought the Champagne traditional-method to Argentina and created wines to match their fizzy French cousins.

Don't believe us? You'll just have to try them yourself. It's your chance to explore different expert blends of chardonnay and pinot noir, plus the exciting and enticing 100% chardonnay Cruzat Single Vineyard Finca La Dama Extra Brut.


The 'Blanco' case contains: 

1 x Cruzat Premier Extra Brut

2 x Cruzat Cuvee Extra Brut (Vegan certified wine) 

2 x Cruzat Cuvee Nature

1 x Cruzat Single Vineyard Finca La Dama Extra Brut


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