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The Pampas Wines 30th Anniversary Case

Join us in celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year with The Pampas Wines 30th Anniversary Case: 6 bottles of very special wine at a very special price, with a saving of £15. 

We've carefully chosen these wines, and put a lot of thought into creating a case which both reaches back into our past (with wines such as Carmelo and Calathus), and represents the exciting and new that we're constantly striving to bring (such as the Pietro Marini Rosado '22 and Argana's Malbec Reserve 2019). It's a summation of Pampas Wines' past, present, and future, but it's also a terrific display of Argentinian winemaking, and how decades of knowledge and heritage have been passed on to today's 21st century viticulturists. 

This case is available for a strictly limited time, so buy now and raise a glass to 30 years, and the next 30 to come...


The case contains:

1 x Pietro Marini Rosado 2022 

1 x Carmelo Cab Sav 2015 

1 x Carmelo Patti Malbec 2018 

1 x Calathus Chardonnay 2013

1 x Vicien Bonarda Reserve 2014

1 x Argana Malbec Reserve 2019