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Pata 'i Lana Torrontes Dulce

If you're a fan of the Torrontes grape, or crave something just a tad more rambunctious than what you're used to with Torrontes, then the Pata 'i Lana Torrontes Dulce simply must be in your ice bucket this Summer.

It has all the sweet heft and peachy joy reminiscent of a Gewurztraminer, but instead of the sometimes cloying saccharine notes you can get with Gewurz, here you'll find the refined and aromatic sweetness of the Torrontes grape. There's a creamy finish on the palate and that signature Argentinian touch of citrus to cut through it. It's like a Gewurz took a gap year to the Andes, enjoyed an excellent wine tour at bodega El Transito, and came home with a tan and the swagger of the gaucho. It really is a superbly-made wine that lets the Torrontes grape show off.

A grand glassful for a Summer's day, or the perfect accompaniment to spicy Indian and Chinese food.