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Cabernet Sauvignon

A classic international grape variety that responds extremely well to the climate and terroir of Argentina. Great as a single varietal but also a wonderful grape for blending. High in tannin and acidity, with careful winemaking and barrel ageing, it can produce some of the longest-living and intriguing reds of all. Flavours of blackcurrant, vanilla, cedar and hints of coffee. In Argentina the tannins are typically round and smooth; not overpowering.

Pietro Marini

Pietro Marini wines come from Bodega El Transito located in Cafayate, at over 6,000 feet, in the north-western province of Salta. The roots of the El Transito wine making tradition stretch back to the end of the nineteenth century when the current owner's great grandfather, Pietro Marini, emigrated from Italy and settled in Cafayate. The tradition has been handed down and is now in its fourth generation, in the very capable hands of Andrés Nanni.

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