Chris Burton of Pampas Wines has recently filmed a series of videos to introduce the public to the wines of Argentina and has made them available online for free.

The videos have been produced in response to questions we are often asked, for example "Which are the main wine regions of Argentina?"

 As Chris explains...

 “The vineyards of Argentina vary greatly, with the country able to boast both the world’s southernmost vineyards in Patagonia and several of the world’s highest vineyards in Salta. Yet, despite being widely dispersed from north to south, Argentina’s wine regions are almost entirely confined to a relatively narrow strip at the western edge of the country, bordering the foothills of the Andes.

With a good knowledge of the differences between the different wine-making regions of Argentina, it is much easier to identify a good bottle without the need for tasting. This is why I have filmed a series of videos in which I explore the country’s main wine-making regions in detail. Armed with information such as that when looking for a quality Argentinian Chardonnay, the higher the altitude the better, and that Pinot Noirs grow best in cooler climates, customers can be confident in their choice of wine and will be able to enjoy the best Argentina has to offer."

Anyone interested in exploring the videos can view them here: Chris Burton's videos