Summer best sellers include our mixed case of Vicien reds from the Cabernet de los Andes winery in Fiambalá, Catamarca in the north-west of Argentina.

Situated at altitudes between 5,000 and 6,000 feet, the vineyards are characterised by dry, hot days and cold nights. This gives a lot of fruit flavour and preserves the natural acidity of the grapes.  

Cabernet de los Andes produces Plenilunio and Vicien wines.  Many of our customers have never heard of the Bonarda grape and, having sampled Vicien Bonarda for the first time, have told us how much they love it!  Vicien Malbec and Syrah are also popular.

The Plenilunio wines were harvested under the full moon on 3 April 2008. These ‘Full Moon’ wines: Malbec and Tempranillo are produced in very small quantities using hand selected grapes from low-yielding vines. These are very special and distinctive wines, why don't you order a bottle or two and try them?