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'Pampas Wines' Celebratory Sparkle' Mixed Case

There's never a bad time to open a bottle of fizz, especially at a price such as this. With that in mind we've put together the Pampas Wines Celebratory Sparkle Case, both as a celebration of Argentinian sparkling wine, and to give you an excellent excuse to pop a cork or two. From fresh, floral crispness of the Cruzat Clasico Extra Brut, to the light toasted notes and ripe fruit flavours of the Argana Espumante, you'll get a great sense of how the country has come to compete with other sparkling wines on the world stage. In fact, you may just find yourself shelving the Champagne and pushing the Prosecco to the back of the fridge. The Celebratory Sparkle Case contains: 2 x Cruzat Clasico Extra Brut 2 x Argana Espunate Extra Brut 2016 1 x Cruzat Cuvee Nature 1 x Cruzat Premier Rosé
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Sparkling Mixed Case