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Pampas Wines - specially selected premium wines from a group of Argentina’s best 'hidden' vineyards producing some of the most distinctive wines you will taste.

Since 1993 our aim has been to offer the UK discerning consumer a variety of the finest wines Argentina produces.  We have chosen to deal with some of the smaller wineries that use the skills of the local winemakers to produce some really delicious and distinctive wines of very high quality.


Now in its 23rd year of business, Pampas Wines is under new ownership by people who've been enjoying its wine for years. We're maintaining the goal of bringing the finest niche Argentinian wines to UK customers. We're currently re-stocking; bringing back all the old favourites, including wines from Ancon, Calathus, and Carmelo Patti, and also introducing some fantastic new bottles of equally high quality. Wines that you won't find anywhere else in the UK. 

Pampas Wines is raising a glass to its continuation, and we look forward to you joining us! 

Follow us on Twitter @PampasWines for up to date information on newly stocked wines, offers, and some unashamed enthusing about Argentina's finest wines. 

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