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White Wines

It's a country renowned for its reds, but there a treasures to be found in Argentinian white wine...

Calathus Chardonnay 2013

This beautifully balanced Chardonnay has aromas of fresh tropical fruits, vanilla, a hint of oak, and a full-bodied, almost buttery sensation on the tongue. Oaky chardonnay has been out in the wilderness for too long - it's time you uncorked its charms once more...



Pata 'i Lana Torrontes Dulce

All the sweet heft and peachy joy of a Gewurztraminer, but without the cloying sweetness. Instead there's a creamy finish on the palate and that signature Argentinian touch of citrus. It's like a Gewurz took a gap year to the Andes, enjoyed an excellent wine tour at El Transito, and came home with a tan and the swagger of the gaucho.

The perfect accompaniment to spicy Indian and Chinese food.




Pietro Marini Torrontés 2017

A real hit at our recent Summer wine tasting events (lots of impressed 'Mmm!'s and 'Oooh!'s softly murmured across the glasses), the Pietro Marini Torrontés 2017 is the ideal wine for July.

The Torrontés grape produces a wine strong with the scents of peaches and honey. In the mouth it bursts with the flavours of lemon peel, pineapple, and apple. A light, fresh, and aromatic wine with a well-balanced acidity, it's the ideal partner to seafood, pasta and Chinese food, but is eminently quaffable on its own.