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"Not just Malbec - The emergence of the Argentinian white wine"

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Calathus Chardonnay 2013

This beautifully balanced Chardonnay has aromas of fresh tropical fruits, vanilla, a hint of oak, and a full-bodied, almost buttery sensation on the tongue. A delight to drink, whether indoors or out, and a taste of better days to come...



Pata 'i Lana Torrontes Dulce

All the sweet heft and peachy joy of a Gewurztraminer, but without the cloying sweetness. Instead there's a creamy finish on the palate and that signature Argentinian touch of citrus. It's like a Gewurz took a gap year to the Andes, enjoyed an excellent wine tour at El Transito, and came home with a tan and the swagger of the gaucho.

The perfect accompaniment to spicy Indian and Chinese food.




Pietro Marini Torrontés 2016

The Torrontes grape produces a wine strong with the scents of peaches and honey. In the mouth it bursts with the flavours of lemon peel, pineapple, and apple. A light, fresh, and aromatic wine with a well-balanced acidity, it's the ideal partner to seafood, pasta and Chinese food, but is eminently quaffable on its own.