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Robert Smedley , Managing Director, Pampas Wines

A Message from Robert Smedley Managing Director and Co-Owner of Pampas Wines

At Pampas Wines we are passionate about two things; quality wines and outstanding customer service.

We have worked hard since 1993 to offer the discerning UK consumer a variety of the finest wines that Argentina produces at affordable prices.

Having built up connections over almost three decades, we pride ourselves in dealing almost exclusively with some of Argentina's finest 'boutique' wineries, which use the skill of local winemakers to produce well crafted, delicious wines of the highest quality.

Far from being mass-produced, our unique range of wines features specially selected premium wines from a group of Argentina's smaller and best 'hidden' vineyards, whose growers and winemakers work tirelessly to create some of the most highly distinctive wines you will ever taste.

In addition to long time best sellers such as Finca Don Carlos (Calathus and Kilhix) El Transito (Pietro Marini and Pedro Moises) and the inimitable Carmelo Patti we are constantly on the look out for new and distinctive wineries and brands that meet our exacting standards for quality and value.

Bodega Cruzat, for example, has been a welcome addition to our portfolio with their renowned range of sparkling wines curated by the highly respected Pedro Rosell (Argentina's “King of the Bubbles”) and Lorena Mulet. 

Cabernet de los Andes (Vicien) , Argana and Bournett are three other brands that provide wines that offer something “different.”

The quality of our wines is only matched by our focus on providing the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Having been customers of Pampas Wines for over a decade prior to acquiring the business we operate on the basis of what we would expect as a buyer of our wines.

Our no quibble refund or replace guarantee is further reinforced by a personalised “hands on” approach to dealing with our customers where timely communication and attention to detail are held as being fundamental to the ongoing success of our enterprise.  

We insist on the same levels of quality and professionalism from our warehousing and logistics partners and these standards are constantly monitored and reviewed as part of our overall quality and brand management. 

If you're interested in finding out more about our selection of wines and Argentinian wine in general, please continue to browse our website.

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A brief history of Pampas Wines

Pampas Wines was first established in 1993 by Anglo/Argentine, the late Robbie Ryder.

His aim was to combine his knowledge of the Argentinian wine industry and his contacts within it to identify and source wines of high quality from niche growers and suppliers and import them into the UK. 

Over the years he built up a discerning client base who enjoyed these boutique wines; not otherwise available in the UK.

Pampas Wines was, and remains to this day, predominantly an online business for private individuals plus a small and selective number of retailers and restaurants. 

With Robbie Ryder returning to Argentina, Pampas Wines was subsequently acquired by Welwyn based Chris Burton who further refined the eCommerce business model initially developed by Ryder.   

 The current owners, father and son team Robert and Rob Smedley, having been customers of Pampas Wines for over a decade, acquired the business in 2016.

They initially engaged Robbie Ryder as a consultant in Argentina and, by doing so, were able to cement the relationships with existing suppliers whilst identifying and assessing potential new ones.

The mission of the company remains the same, however i.e. to source and market distinctive wines from small, independent vineyards in Argentina at an affordable price backed up by exceptional customer service.

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