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'The King and Queen of the Bubbles' Case

This 6 bottle Bodega Cruzat selection celebrates the work and skill of Pedro Rosell and Lorena Mulet the acknowledged “King and Queen of the Bubbles” of Argentinian sparkling wines. It's the perfect way to start exploring the sparkling side of Argentine viticulture. Not only that, it means you won't be short of a bottle of fizz to pop this Christmas. Buy this case and you save 15%!


The case contains: 

1 x Cruzat Clasico Extra Brut

1 x Cuvee Rose

1 x Cruzat Cuvee Nature

1 x Cruzat Premier Rose Extra Brut

1 x Cruzat Single Vineyard Finca La Dama Extra Brut

1 x Cruzat Cuvee Extra Brut



Argana Varietales Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 Case (6 Bottles)

Argana's Cabernet Sauvignon is a sweet and ripe affair – ruby red and with intense violet tones. On the nose it's a vibrant, peppery Cabernet Sauvignon, with notes of plum, oak, and vanilla. While on the tongue there are the long-finishing flavours of fruits and wood. A very drinkable red and one that would be as welcome at a Summer barbecue as it would with a Shepherd's Pie on a chill Autumn evening.



Calathus Chardonnay 2013 Case (6 Bottles)

Six months of ageing in French oak - and a further 8 months in bottle - produces a magnificently fresh Chardonnay that Finca Don Carlos is rightly proud of. Their flagship Chardonnay is ripe with the aromas of tropical fruit, vanilla, and oak and green olives, while in the mouth it surprises with a firm, balanced acidity, and a buttery, unctuous flavour that clings to the tongue. It's a wonderful example of Argentinian Chardonnay and one that will not disappoint. (Alcohol Volume 13.1%)



Calathus Malbec 2014 Case (6 Bottles)

Finca Don Carlos are rightfully proud of their Calathus Malbec 2014. Aged for 11 months in 225-litre French oak -first to third use- barrels, then 14 months bottled under controlled light, humidity and temperature in the cellar, their Malbec has pure deep aromas of ripe red fruit, plums and velvety tannins. In the mouth it is very expressive and balanced, offering a true taste of the richness and complexity of truly great Argentinian wine.



Pietro Marini Malbec 2014 Case (6 Bottles)

A truly singular wine shaped by the terroir. The high altitude (1750 metres above sea level) and extremely dry weather of the Calchaqui Valley create a Malbec unlike any other. Slightly woody on the nose, El Transito has created a wine with with a subtle flavour that seasoned Malbec drinkers will appreciate and find refreshingly new. As well as the usual notes of vanilla and blackberry there are a note of plums, and a fresh, almost mineral flavour present, which marks it out from the rest of the crowd.



Pride of the Pampas - Mixed Case (6 Bottles)

The 'Pride of the Pampas' mixed case truly lives up to its name. A selection of some of our finest red, white, and sparkling wines, this case has been carefully curated to capture the spirit of Argentinian winemaking and the variety of wonderful, complex wines the country is creating from its bold terroir.



The Argana Mixed 6

A superb case from one of Argentina's best kept secrets, the Argana Mixed 6 is like having a private tasting with winemaker Ruben Arroyo himself. It's a showcase of how Argentina can bring out the best in so many grapes, with luscious Malbec and, fruity Syrah silky Merlot. An ideal gift to start someone on their Argentinian wine odyssey the correct way. And by buying the Argana Mixed 6 you save 15%! 


The case contains: 

1 x Argana Malbec

1 x Argana Cabernet Sauvignon

1 x Argana Merlot

1 x Argana Syrah 

1 x Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 

1 x Argana Malbec Reserve 



The Calathus Collection

A case from Finca Don Carlos is a treat to be savoured, as you luxuriate in some of Mendoza's best Malbec. It's also a terrific way to mark the winery's 20th anniversary next year. Buying the Calathus Collection saves you 15% too! Even more reason to celebrate. 

The case contains: 

1 x Calathus Malbec 2014

1 x Calathus Malbec 2015

1 x Calathus Cabernet Franc

1 x Calathus Gran Corte I

1 x Calathus Gran Corte II

1 x Calathus Gran Reserve Malbec 2017



The El Transito Showcase

Bodega El Transito have become renowned for their excellent wine tastings at their winery in Salta, so why not capture a little of that experience by having your own at home, with The El Transito Showcase. A wonderful variety of their wines, including their mighty Tannat 2017. And if you buy the El Transito Showcase you save 15%!


The case contains: 

1 x Pietro Marini Malbec 2014

1 x Pietro Marini Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

1 x Pietro Marini Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Roble 2013

1 x Pietro Marini Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon Roble 2013

1 x Pietro Marini Tannat 2017

1 x Pietro Marini Malbec Rosado 2017