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Our Winemakers

With connections built over two decades, we pride ourselves in dealing exclusively with Argentina's smaller 'boutique' wineries, which use the skill of local winemakers to produce well crafted, delicious and distinctive wines of the highest quality.

Bodega El Transito

At the begining of 2012 Tim Atkin, Master of Wine and award winning journalist, tasted over five hundred wines from Argentina. One of the wineries that impressed him greatly was Bodega El Transito located in Cafayate, at over 6,000 feet, in the north-western province of Salta.

Bodega Carmelo Patti

Carmelo Patti has been making wine for over forty years and is one of the most respected winemakers in the Argentine wine world.

Finca Don Carlos

Finca Don Carlos's vineyard was founded in 2003 and the Calathus branded wines you find on our website are named after the ceramic vases that were used to serve wine in Roman times.

Bodega Cruzat

By means of the traditional method, Cruzat aims at producing sparkling wines that are characterised by a fine, elegant and developed bouquet.

Bogeda Argana

Established by Ruben Arroyo and his late father Raul, the Argana complex is located in San Rafael, southern oasis in the province of Mendoza, the main wine region of Argentina. The vineyards are irrigated with meltwater from the Atuel River.

Cabernet de los Andes

Cabernet de los Andes SA was started in the year 2,000 by Pedro Vicien and Carlos Arizu with the aim of producing organic and biodynamic wine.

Bodega Bournett

As a result of a Family undertaking in 1997, the Bournett firm was born, this name is a tribute to its French ancestors, who in France produced high quality wines. Today the heirs of this culture recover the winemaking tradition, reviving the French Style that characterized them.