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We've been busy hosting a range of wine tastings this Summer, including as guests of the North Yorkshire Wine Society. Our tastings are tremendous fun, but also a chance to get direct feedback on what our customers think of what they drink. So what's been proving popular?

The Cruzat Nature and Cruzat Premier Rosé have been surprising and delighting those unfamiliar with Argentinian fizz, while the Pietro Marini Malbec 2018 and the Calathus Malbec 2015 have been the two standout reds of our tastings, with many orders placed. And for those in the know it should come as no surprise that the Carmelo Patti Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 rounds the evening off to great applause.

So if you'd like to try what our guests have been tasting and buying this Summer, look out for our Summer Tastings Favourite label on selected wines, and be part of a group with impeccable taste.

Buy a mixed case of 6 or 12 wines of your choice and you'll automatically receive a 10-15% discount, and that's on top of any sale offers. As always, there is no delivery charge for all orders over £100

Fine Wines from Argentina
Fine Wines from Argentina

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JULY's SHOWCASED Wine of the Month

Pietro Marini Malbec Rosado 2022

Take a cold glass of the Rosado '22 in your hand and remind yourself of the flavours of Summer. Not a British Summer, obviously. Think long Argentinian afternoons ready to be quenched. This isn't 'poolside rosé' - the kind served ultra-cold to the point of flavourlessness. This is rosado, amigo. It's rosé with something to say.

Bursting with generous flavours of strawberry and watermelon, and leaving you with the crisp, lingering kiss of citrus, the passion of El Transito's four generations of wine-making is evident in every sip. An ideal accompaniment to fruit salad, sorbet, or a lavishly big bowl of strawberries & cream. It is best paired with that rarest of treats: a hot and sunny afternoon. 

If you've enjoyed the Pietro Marini Malbec Rosado 2017, then this is great opportunity to compare, taste the difference, and decide which you prefer. 



Mixed Cases

Our selection cases are a great way to sample a variety of excellent Argentinian wine – and even better, they'll save you money too. We'll automatically give you 10% OFF the price of any case you choose at the checkout!


Pride of the Pampas - Mixed Case (6 Bottles)

The 'Pride of the Pampas' mixed case truly lives up to its name. A selection of some of our finest red, white, and sparkling wines, this case has been carefully curated to capture the spirit of Argentinian winemaking and the variety of wonderful, complex wines the country is creating from its bold terroir.



The Pampas Wines 30th Anniversary Cruzat Case

This 6 bottle Bodega Cruzat selection celebrates both Pampas Wines' 30th Anniversary, and the work and skill of Pedro Rosell and Lorena Mulet, the acknowledged “King and Queen of the Bubbles” of Argentinian sparkling wines. We're incredibly proud to have brought their award-winning wines (also recently featured in Decanter Magazine) to the UK. In particular, their Vegan and lower-sugar sparkling wines are proving more and more popular among discerning drinkers. 

It's the perfect way to start exploring the sparkling side of Argentine viticulture. Not only that, it means you won't be short of a bottle of fizz to pop this Christmas. Buy this case and you save 15%!


The case contains: 

1 x Cruzat Premier Extra Brut

1 x Cuvee Rose

1 x Cruzat Cuvee Nature

1 x Cruzat Premier Rose Extra Brut

1 x Cruzat Single Vineyard Finca La Dama Extra Brut

1 x Cruzat Cuvee Extra Brut


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