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Pride of the Pampas - Mixed Case (6 Bottles)

The 'Pride of the Pampas' mixed case truly lives up to its name. A selection of some of our finest red, white, and sparkling wines, this case has been carefully curated to capture the spirit of Argentinian winemaking and the variety of wonderful, complex wines the country is creating from its bold terroir.

Among the six wines in this case, you'll experience the luscious vanilla notes of the Calathus Gran Reserve; the crisp, refreshing kiss of the Pietro Marini Torrontes; and the green pepper punch of our much sought-after Carmelo Patti Cab Sav. It's a journey for the senses. Or, if you are as one of our many customers who have visited the wineries in person, it will be a welcome reminder of Argentina's friendly bodegas and the wines that continue to draw new visitors.

Perfect for both the avid oenophile and those new to Argentina's exciting and charming wines, the diverse range of the 'Pride of the Pampas' case also makes for an ideal gift. Either for those wishing to treat a friend, or introduce them to the joys of Argentinian wine.

The Pride of the Pampas mixed case contains:

1 x Carmelo Patti Cab Sauvignon 2007

1 x Calathus Malbec Gran Reserve

1 x Pietro Marini Torrontes

1 x Vicien Bonarda

1 x Bournett Corbeau Roble IG

1 x Cruzat Extra Brut