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Pampas Wines are specialist importers of Argentinian wines from niche boutique wineries. Choose from our fantastic selection of red wines below:

Vicien Bonarda Reserve 2014

A magnificently rounded wine, the Vicien Bonarda Reserve of 2014 fills the mouth with flavours of ripe red & black fruits, Earl Grey tea, and vanilla. It's full-bodied yet is fresh on the palette, with a smooth and mellow finish that lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

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Vicien Malbec Reserve 2014

A rich, full-bodied affair which truly does fill the mouth with silky smooth tannins and the flavours of firm red fruits, coffee, and wood. This wine from the Cabernet de los Andes winery is a sensation which continues on the tongue long after the first sip and will have you coming back for more. 



Vicien Syrah Reserve 2014

Deep violet in colour, it has on the nose an aroma of mixed red and black fruits, and the leathery quality typical of a great Syrah. In the mouth it is far more full-bodied than expected, and carries a great balance between the body of the wine and the sharpness of the fruit notes.