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Vicien Syrah Reserve 2014

Deep violet in colour, it has on the nose an aroma of mixed red and black fruits, and the leathery quality typical of a great Syrah. In the mouth it is far more full-bodied than expected, and carries a great balance between the body of the wine and the sharpness of the fruit notes. 

One of our most requested wines and a staple of Pampas Wines' catalogue across the years, the Vicien Syrah Reserve 2014 is yet another fine example of the winemaking skills of Cabernet de los Andes' vintner, Carlos Arizu.  

Born from an old vineyard at Catamarca's 'Las Retamas' Ranch, situated at 5,249 feet above sea level, this is a Syrah of great intensity.  

While it can be enjoyed now, it will also improve with age and can be cellared.

Like all of our Vicien wines, the Syrah Reserve 2014 is a limited edition and "when it's gone it's gone!!!"

All the more reason to buy a case! 

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Vicien - Cabernet de los Andes

Cabernet de los Andes SA was started in the year 2,000 by Pedro Vicien and Carlos Arizu with the aim of producing organic and biodynamic wine in the Valley of Fiambalá, Catamarca, in the north-west of Argentina. Situated at altitudes between 5,000 and 6,000 feet, Fiambalá is characterised by dry, hot days and cold nights. This gives a lot of fruit flavour and preserves the natural acidity of the grapes.

We are delighted to introduce you to the Plenilunio and Vicien wines from Cabernet de los Andes. 

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